Rabbi Levi and Shaina Piha

- "No Jew is too small or too far" 

Our goal is to bring tangible judaism to all, a warm positive and

meaningful experience that cant be found elsewhere.


There are many jews scattered both in the city and in surrounding cities and towns that have no real connection or feeling. We are here for them.

To bring a little light into their lives with a smile and a listening heart. No jew is too small or too far. We all have the same source and the same spark within us. “K'ish echad, belev echad. Like one man with one heart.”  

Rabbi Levi was born in Rome, and shortly there-after his parents moved to Milan. He grew up there with a chabad education, and at a very young age, went abroad to study. 

Shaina was born and raised in Vancouver. as well she grew up in a chabad family, and went abroad to study.


They met each other through divine intervention in their early twenties. The rest is history!