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Take-Away meals are available when ordered in advance.

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בית  כנסת

We do not have our own minyan. There is minyan at the main synagogue Piazzetta Primo Levi 12 see times below.


Email The Jewish Community Office 

at for more

information or click the link below.

Prayer Times

Monday and Thursday morning 7am

Tuesday Mincha 

Friday in the Winter - Shkia

Friday in the Summer - 7:30 pm

Shabbat Morning - 9:00 am

זמני תפילה

יום שני וחמישי בבוקר 07:00

יום שלישי מנחה

יום שישי בחורף - שקי

יום שישי בקיץ - 19:30

שבת בבוקר - 9.00



One thing we pay special attention to is encouraging people to study Torah. All ages, levels and interests, are welcome to a class, a personal lesson, or to a lecture with a Rabbi who has been brought in from another city in Italy. We distribute a weekly publication “pensieri delle settimana” “thought of the week” based on the weekly parasha.

Like our sages say; “Torah is life!”

Lesson times: 

  • Tanya:    2nd and last Monday of every month - 8PM

  • Parsha:  Every thursday - 8PM

Contact us for details and arrangements

History of Chabad

Chabad, also known as Habad, Lubavitch, and Chabad-Lubavitch, is a Orthodox Jewish, Hasidic movement.

Chabad is today one of the world's best known Hasidic movements and is well known for its outreach. Organizationally, it is the largest Jewish religious organization in the world.


Founded in 1755 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the name "Chabad" (Hebrew: חב״ד) is a Hebrew acronym for Chochmah, Binah,Da'at  (חכמה, בינה, דעת): "Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge", which represent the intellectual underpinnings of the movement. The name "Lubavitch" is the Yiddish name for the originally Belorussian village Lyubavichi where the movement's leaders lived for over 100 years.

The Chabad movement represents an intellectual-mystical school of thought established and led by a dynasty of Hasidic rebbes.


Committed to Spiritual Enlightenment

Faith. Passion. Community. Prayers. These are the cornerstones behind ChabadTorino, and we approach each day with these in mind. Founded in 2013, our community was established on the ideals of giving everyone a chance to learn, grow, and define their own religious identity. Becoming a community member means joining a family who, each day, are devoted to expressing their love to one another and to God.

Info.             מידע
Kosher                                                            כשר

There is no kosher restaurant in Turin.

Contact us for information on take away meals. 

There is a kosher BAKERY that has some kosher products, all bread and other baked products there is certified kosher.


H:8-13:30 16:30-19:30


small kosher selection at

CARREFOUR MARKET Via Madama Cristina 66 H24

אין מסעדה כשרה בטורינו.

צור קשר לקבלת מידע על ארוחות לקחת.


יש מאפייה כשרה שיש לה כמה מוצרים כשרים, כל לחם ומוצרי מאפה אחרים יש הכשרה כשרה.
פניפיציו ברטינו - Via Galliari 14

H:8-13:30 16:30-19:30

מבחר כשרות קטן ב
CARREFOUR ויה מאדאם כריסטינה 66 H24

Hotels        בתי מלון

TorinoToStay Apartments - kosher plata available

Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour 

Hotel Due Mondi

Best Western Hotel Piemontese 

Tomato Backpackers Hotel

Holiday Inn Turin City Centre 

Hotel Urbani 

Starhotels Majestic

Le Petit Hotel

Mikva          מקוה

There is a ladies Mikva located in the synagogue.

You must make an apointment. 

Rivka +39 345 593 4015

יש מקווה לנשים הממוקם בבית הכנסת.
עליך לקבוע תור.
רבקה 393455934015+

No Jew is too small or too far

Rabbi Levi Piha


Bible Lessons

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